N.maxima "miniature form" - 1600m "Sulawesi, Indonesia"
This form was discovered in January 2008 by Alfindra Primaldhi and Muhammad Apriza Suska ( http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/Species/v38n1p12_22.html ). Alfindra and M. A. Suska found this miniature population at 1,600 meters where N. maxima grows along with N. glabrata Turnbull & Middleton and Drosera burmannii Vahl (Primaldhi 2008). It is not clear if these dwarf, highland N. maxima plants should be included into the concept of N. ‘Lake Poso’. Alfindra states, “From my personal opinion, it reminds me of the miniature N. maxima found around Anggi Lakes in Papua.“

In my conditions the plant reach 30cm in diameter and upto 1m in height. Surface of the plant ( leaves, pitchers,stems ) is densely covered by nectar glands.Plant is very easy and fast grower.I am growing this plant on windowsill in plastic pot filled with live sphagnum moss.

upper pitcher

intermediate pitcher

size comparison with Heliamphora neblinae

closeup of upper pitchers

plants for sale

natural habitat of this specie - Alfindra Primaldhi