Dyna-gro liquid foliage pro

This is not exactly the composition of original product ( trade secret ), but the concentration of the ions are nearly the same.

I have omitted some minor micronutrients like Mo,Co,Ni,Cu,Cl. Concentrations are in mg/L 

This fertilizer like many other liquid fertilizers does contain too low sulphur to prevent creation of precipitates

original datasheet 

macronutrients NH4NO3 17000
macronutrients Ca(NO3)2.4H2O 11800
macronutrients KNO3 8700
macronutrients KH2PO4 5700
macronutrients MgNO3 1700
micronutrients FeNaEDTA 650
micronutrients ZnSO4.7H2O 220
micronutrients MnSO4 140
micronutrients H3BO3 60